Monday, January 27, 2014


Book: Her Dark Curiosity
Series: (The Madman's Daughter #2)
Author: Megan Shepherd

I recognized the fourth body.
It was the old white-haired man from the flower show, Sir Danvers Carew, the beloved member of Parliament who had once abused my mother and me. I’d seen him only days ago, and now . . . dead. I closed a hand over my mouth as my mind crawled over his pale face, his bloodstained skin, trying to understand. He had the same slash marks on his chest, and bruises all over his body, made with some blunt sharp object. Like a cane. No wonder the paper had declined to name him. Such an important man, surly his family would prefer not to be associated with a mass murderer. It hardly mattered. He was dead either way.
Four. I knew all four victims.
And in turn, I realized, I had been victim to each of them.
The idea made me back away from the bodies, back pressed against the cold metal door. It didn’t matter how I tried to explain it—nothing about it felt right. Four deaths, Four people who had wronged me.
Almost as though...
I hesitated, telling myself I might possibly be going mad.
...almost as though someone was watching out for me.

*Note: all the teasers we provide are from the Advanced Readers Copy of the book and may be subjected to changes upon publishing.

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