Monday, September 8, 2014


I was a novice when i first started this blog, the most i did before that was read other people blogs and admire their blog designs.

So first thing i did was Google things up. Like how to center your blog title or how to put a picture in stead of text (simple things like that) and i found helpful staff, and i found less helpful staff, but in the end i managed to get a desirable effect within the limits of my knowledge and learning skills.

Among other things a lot of fellow blogger recommended replacing your Blogger Comments with Disqus.
No problem i did that also. And it worked for a while.
Until i decided to change my blog design.

I didn't noticed immediately. I re-designed the blog, placed everything where i wanted and started commenting.
After a while i realized the comments exist on Desqus but not on my Blogger, and whenever i re-sync them a message would pop-up in my mail that i have a problem syncing (no shit!). And it became a drag, so i decided ill remove the Disqus comment form and just use plain old Blogger Comments (they are not the most elegant but they work just fine).
So i did just that - removed Discuss from the layout and deleted the account.

And here is where the real drag starts.
Once i removed Disqus there was no comment box on my blog. Non-what-so-ever.

I thought that it might be the blogger template. I changed that - it didn't work.
I thought it might be a little modifying i did on the HTML. I changed that also - it didn't work.

I searched forums and blogs about tech help, Whatever i tried i couldn't for the love of me fix the Blogger Comments.

So i made a new account on Disqus and put it on my blog again.
And its there and whenever somebody writes me a comment a mail pops in my inbox to tell me that there is a syncing problem (again, no shit Desqus!) .

So i'm just seating here, steaming whit annoyance and no idea what to do next...

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  1. :) no worries i just felt like complaining that's all!


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