Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Book: Crash into You
Series: (Pushing the Limits #3)
Author: Katie McGarry

Update (11/13/'13):
Isaiah POV:
Her mouth opens and closes several times. “…why do you care?”
....“Because I do.”
Adrenaline pours into my bloodstream with the words, and my eyes dart around her face hoping to see some sort of a sign that what I said mattered. That I matter.
“Give me something, Rachel.” A word. A knowing glance. Anything.
Her beautiful eyes widen and because she must be the type that enjoys playing with fire her gaze falls to my lips. “Give you what?”
My heart rate increases. I’d give anything to kiss her again...Keeping her eyes locked with mine, I slowly reach out and cradle the slender curve of her waist...
She sucks in air, and I love the soft sound. Her body heat reaches out and warms me and I wish I could wrap my arms fully around her. I crave to lose myself in the crook of her neck and be surrounded by her silky hair.  
*on Katie McGarry GR page

From Rachel’s Point of View
Isaiah tugs on my hand, guiding me closer to him. Our arms touch and I shiver as if I was zapped by lightning.
“We’re not out of the woods yet,” he says. “Cop cars are everywhere.”
I turn my head to the street and stop when Isaiah squeezes my hand. “Don’t look. We’ve got to blend in.”
“I don’t understand,” I say in a hushed voice. “We’re not in our cars. How would they know?”
Isaiah keeps his eyes straight ahead. “I only said I wouldn’t rat. I didn’t say anything about anyone else.”
My mouth dries out—West’s friends. Did they escape or are they telling the cops my phone number and address? Can this get any worse?
Isaiah lets go of my hand and in a blur, pushes my back against a cold brick wall. His body becomes a hot, thick blanket over mine. The fine hair on my neck stands on end and my eyes close at the sensation of his warm breath on the skin behind my ear.
I’m absolutely terrified, but at the same time my body tingles with a weird anticipation.
“There’s two cops walking the street,” he whispers.
Peeking beyond his bicep, I see the two blue uniforms stalking in our direction. “What do we do?” I barely breathe out.
His hands go to my waist—my waist! And they feel so right. I like this closeness. Maybe I like it too much. A guy has never been this close to me. Never. And I can’t believe it’s happening, even if it is to keep from being arrested.
My heart beats frantically in my chest. Isaiah is hot and scary and hot. Why on earth would a guy like him want to be anywhere near a girl like me?
It’s the adrenaline rush. That’s what it is. I like how he feels because I’m still experiencing the adrenaline rush from Isaiah’s NASCAR driving skills. His arm shifts, and I love how that movement causes his muscles to flex.
Stop it, Rachel. It’s not real. Focus.
“Kiss me,” he whispers. “If you kiss me we’ll blend in.”
My mouth drops open as if to make a sound, but nothing comes out. How do I say the words…I don’t know how to kiss.
*on bewitched bookworms blog

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