Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Book: Into the Still Blue
Series: (Under the Never Sky #3)
Author: Veronica Rossi

Five Things That Might Surprise You About INTO THE STILL BLUE!
  • It was the fastest book of the trilogy to draft. (Revising is another matter.) 
  • Roar has a tattoo along his arm/shoulder and you get to see it. (And I believe you will very much enjoy seeing it.) 
  • Soren. 
  • One (or more) main characters might be captured and imprisoned by the bad guys. Maybe. 
  • I rewrote the last chapter more than any scene in the entire novel until I was finally, finally perfectly happy with it. 
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!Veronica reads a scene from Into The Steel Blue on Epic Reads live chat (a sexy scene!!) - watch the video: HERE
“I know. I know that now. It hurt both of us, but we got through it. And we’re not damaged because of it. We’re stronger.”
“We are?”
“Sure. Look at us. We’re surviving our first fight . . . or second.”
Aria rolled her eyes. “This isn’t a fight and neither was yesterday.”
He smiled. “Now you’re scaring me.”
She laughed. It was a sparkling sound. A burst of brightness in the quiet of the woods. For the first time since he’d seen her running toward him, he relaxed.
Aria still held her hand against her stomach. He wanted to take it and kiss each one of her fingers, but he didn’t want to chance making her feel worse about her injury. He stepped around her.
“Perry, what are you—”
He held her shoulders, keeping her from turning. “Trust me.”
He swept her hair behind her shoulders, feeling her tense in surprise. Then he combed it back with his fingers. He loved her hair. Black as onyx, steeped in her violet scent. Heavy as a blanket in his hands.
Reaching up, he tugged off the leather strap he’d used to pull his own knots back earlier, and tied her hair at the base of her neck.
“Is that what you wanted?” he asked.
“It’s, um . . . much better.”
Bending, he kissed the smooth skin just beneath her ear. “How’s this?”
“I don’t know. . . . Try again?”
He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, gathering her close. Ahead of them, the lights from inside the Hover filtered through the trees—her world, blending with his. “You really want me to talk?”
Aria leaned back, letting him take her weight. “Yes.”
“You’re going to hear a lot about my favorite subject.”
He laughed. “No.” He slid his hands to her hips, feeling muscle and solid bone, and then back up, over the curve of her waist. “Not hunting.” Every part of her drove him mad, and he told her so, whispering in her ear as she rested against him.
*(the rest of the live chat: HERE)

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