Monday, January 13, 2014


Book: Avalon
Series: (Avalon #1)
Author: Mindee Arnett

“How many?” Celeste whispered, still smiling. Black hair framed her face, stopping short of her shoulders. Dark red lipstick exaggerated the paleness of her skin. The contrast accentuated her natural beauty, evident despite the digital prosthetics she wore. The prosthetics obscured Celeste’s features just enough to make her unrecognizable, even to the most sophisticated face-recognition programs. Jeth wore similar ones.
Bracing a hand against the wall, Jeth leaned down as if going in for a kiss. Celeste was tall, but he still had half a head on her. Combined with the width of his muscular shoulders, he made her seem small. “Two,” he said against her ear. “Both locals. No ITA.”
Celeste sighed, the sound of it containing a definite smirk. “Too easy.”
Jeth nodded as he pretended to nuzzle her neck. Local security was always easier to deal with than the ITA.

*Note: all the teasers we provide are from the Advanced Readers Copy of the book and may be subjected to changes upon publishing.

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