Monday, February 3, 2014


Book: Let the Storm Break
Series: (Sky Fall #2)
Author: Shannon Messenger

*On Shannon Messenger's Blog:

The Dreaded Triangle
I've been working hard to catch up on my email (if you're still waiting to hear from me, don't worry, a reply IS coming). And I've noticed a lot of you are writing to me about a term that's almost become like a bad word in the YA World: Love Triangles.

*pauses while you all gasp in horror*

To be clear, LET THE SKY FALL definitely does NOT have a love triangle. But some of you savvier readers have noticed something in there that's made you wonder if maybe, possibly I'm going to have a love triangle in book two, and I'm getting LOTS of emails worrying about it. So I realized: It's time for a blog post!

Sadly, I'm not going to tell you what happens in book 2 (and really, that would ruin all the fun anyway, wouldn't it?). But I can tell you this: I'm not a fan of love triangles.


(actually, that needs to be a bigger "but")


Before you go thinking that what you were worrying was going to happen in book 2 is now 100% NOT going to happen, you should know that I *might* have a different definition of love triangle than you.
... the rest of the article HERE!

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