Saturday, December 28, 2013

[a year in books] BEST/WORST BOOK COVERS

 So as the new year approaches we find it inevitable to reminisce about the books we read in the year that has passed. There are a lot of books that we want to talk about: the books we loved - the ones that changed our lives, made us fall in love with them and everybody around us, and the books we hated - the ones we wanted to throw in a volcano from a plane, riding a shark, strapped with dynamite (thank you Despicable Me 2 ).
Alas between the two of  us there are around 200+ and we can't talk about every single one of them, so today we'll only talk about the covers!


The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2) 
Okay. Was I the only one who thought that this blue cover was just a placeholder? . . .Well its not. Its the actual cover. Its just so. .. plain. Nothing to really hint at what is behind the cover. It is bland, forgettable, and badly executed. Abstract art can be very powerful, but your cover still needs to relate to the actual themes of your book! So, I kind of hated this cover but that couldn't change how much I ADORE the book. Writers put a lot of effort into their manuscripts, I think it's high time publishers started putting some effort into their covers.

These Broken Stars (Starbound #1)
This is one of those books that I totally would have read it simple for the cover, because damn, I love this soooo much. Come on. This book screams “READ ME!” In addition to being gorgeous it really showcases the tone of the book. It's so perfect (to the story) and just so breathtaking to look at. That dress, the pretty stars, eerie background and windblown hair all combined together, gives a wonderful effect for this cover. . . and they're reaching for one another! AH! How could I not LOVE this one?


I first loved this series, and then i read Apollyon and started to hate this series (hate is a strong word, maybe dislike?) anyway... even back than before i read it and was all excited and waiting for the book to come out, i was not a fan of the cover.
I don't like it, it doesn't appeal to me, but it's not just that. It's that it makes no sense - It's a  flower but it's drown in magic dust/fire? and what is the book about? - Greek mythology. Am... OK!?

Night of Cake & Puppets
So i considered putting Days of Blood & Starlight but i figure i like this one better.
Why? Well... Im not sure.
Maybe because it has that modern vintage mix that i like so much lately.
The birdcage versus the faded text. Then the colors - monochrome with just the name of the author popping out in pink. It is gorgeous people! I want it to be a hat so i can wear it outside. Why hat and not something else like a shirt or a pants? That one I'll let you ponder upon!?

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