Monday, December 30, 2013

[a year in books] BEST/WORST CHARACTERS

For us, usually, the character come front and center when judging the goodness (or badness) of a book. That's why today's article was the most fun to write.
It's our favorite (and the longest) of the three.
Read, enjoy and comment!



Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Here’s the deal. I love he Divergent series and I like Tris in the previous two books. But in Allegiant she seemed slightly off to me. She had become annoying and a shell of the character we saw in the other two books, with really no good reason.
Tris come out one-dimensional, condescending and quite frankly I couldn't have cared less for her. Seriously? What happened to the character I knew and loved?

What can I say, I do love my feisty heroines. This girl. . . Don't mess with her, she is one tough cookie. She’s killed by the age of nine, and will not hesitate to do it again. There was no guilt or remorse for those acts, she was simply doing what needed to be done to secure her own personal survival. I can’t imagine doing everything she did, and can't help but think that I would be one of the people who couldn't survive...So, when I meet a strong and capable main character like Lynn, I am always in awe.


Julian Fineman
I can’t deny that the writing was beautiful. It always is in a Lauren Oliver book. . . but Why? Why introduce another love interest? I know there will be others who will say how much they love Julian and 'isn't he wonderful?' In my opinion, the whole relationship feels forced, manufactured and so terribly unnecessary. Julian was totally forgettable here, his only purpose being to make Alex jealous. Reduced to a wallflower, disposable summer decoration, not having any further character development. Guess it was all used up in Pandemonium.

Even though I love Jeb, I ADORE Morpheus. Jeb was so safe, so kind, so…boring. Meanwhile, Morpheus was seductive, mysterious, dark, yet surprisingly gentle, and YES just a little creepy . It's no wonder Alyssa had a hard time concentrating around him. I just can't help myself, I always fall for the bad boys. And it's pretty safe to say that if I met a guy in real life named Morpheus I would instantly be in love! I WOULD LEAVE MY FAMILY TO BE QUEEN OF WONDERLAND!!!


Perry and Aria
Oh my! I absolutely adore these two. So much tension and a romance actually based on more than just one quick glance! They both start in a place of mutual respect and deep, deep trust. Their relationship is realistic it's not just fluff. Both characters are strong and don't let being in love render them stupid and useless. This story is like comfort food, or a cozy fireplace and hot chocolate on a cold and rainy day. Just PERFECT!



Lilac LaRoux
I know you gonna eat my head about this one. But its true. I hated Lilac.
I loved the cover, the survival story, the creepy voices and Tavern (it was his name in my head because i cant pronounce the other). I even liked their love story. It was sweet and believable.
But that girl, that girl pissed me off. She was prissy, snobby, ungrateful and horrible all around.
She got better toward the end but by then i already had my opinion set...

Addison Coleman
It was between Deuce from Razorland and Addie, but as much as i loved Deuce and wanted to be her - strong, honest and brave - the bast i can pull off is reasonable, snarky and occasionally brave. So Addie it is.
She is whole that and so much more. She is geeky, a little awkward and a lot funny. Just how a true teenager should be (or more likely how i was!).
For me It was very easy to connect with her, that's why she is my favorite female this year.


Vane Weston
Oh, my G. Where to begin?
This was... i don't know what this was but it was definitely not a boy.
Half of the time he was crying like a girl, the other half he was complaining like +100 year old grandma. I could not connect with him even if my live depended on it (weird because i too am a "little" girl on PMS).
Worst MC I've read no matter the gender. I hope his PMS passes by the next book so you lot can enjoy it better. Me? I'm not touching it with 10 foot poll thankyouverymuch.

David Charleston
He was awesome!!!
First of all he is an Epic slayer, so there is that. He is smart, funny and a little shy, determined and so uncertain at the same time.
I loved David. I loved him while i was reading, i loved him when i finished and as the time passes and my impression of him settles i adore him more.
This HERE, this is how you write a believable (and fawn worthy) boy.
Awesome job Mr. Sanderson!


Josh and Nastya
Their story was intertwined with so much tragedy that whenever i think about this book a bittersweet feeling alights in me. But they loved each-other so much i sometimes ache to read it again (and usually i succumb to the feeling) just so i can re-experience it.
I loved Josh and Nastya together. Such a sad and tender love story people...


  1. I'm not actually familiar with very many of the characters you talked about, but this was still super fun to read! Now I know which characters to look out for when I'm reading! :)

  2. :) thanks! like i said, this was actually very fun to write, glad you also had fun reading it!


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