Tuesday, July 1, 2014


*This article is related to books.

So as much as i find it fun to read contemporary romance in YA genre. i rarely find any book that surprises me and catches me of guard. That is because this genre sticks to a particular formula for developing plots and rarely diverts from it. But i like the consistency of it. Sometimes you need to depend on a book to delivers exactly what you need at the moment, without surprises and without unpleasantries.

So I'm very delighted when i find books in Contemporary / Romance genre that managed to surprise me in the bestest of ways. Here are a few:

by Morgan Matson

I'm a sucker for Road-Trip stories. It is why I picked this one up.
And oh boy... It was very sad and devastating read, and hopeful and lovely and romantic.
It is not a love story any yet it is, and it doesn't gives fake promises or unrealistic endings and yet it lives hope at the end of it all. It is my favorite road trip story to this day (and i have read a quiet few in my reading carrier).

*Anybody who loves Road Trips should read this, also the atmosphere in this book kinda reminds me of the movie Garden State.

by Melissa Keil

Someone of my GR friends had a .gif of a unicorn barfing rainbow to describe this book, so you know.. i was curious.
And its a fine description, very appropriate!
Its about friendship at its best, its about acceptance and its about getting out of you head so you can enjoy the world, so you can enjoy life. Its about love in all its shapes. Its unicorn barfing rainbow.

*This one reminds me of the movie Superbad just because of the friendship that is depicted in that movie. Also fans of Paper Towns might enjoy this one two.

So what do you think?
Would you read this books now? 
Or you need little more convincing?


  1. I actually read Life in Outer Space a while ago and didn't like it very much .-.

    I do have Amy and Roger on my list because while I am not the biggest fan of road trips, I do like them and I am really excited to read this.. eventually :P

  2. yeah... if you are not a fan of road tips then i suggest you dont read this one because the trip was a big part of it and one of the reasons why i loved it. i suggest you try this author most recent book instead. :)

  3. Haha sorry that came out wrong! I meant that while I may not be a fan I do enjoy reading the occasional road trip book since they can be so so fun!

  4. Ha! While I do love some predictable cuteness every once in a while, I can't help but give bonus points (in my heart) to unique contemporary novels. I absolutely loved Amy & Roger's! <33

  5. Both of these are new to me, I will have to check them out!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  6. me two, but i cant truly judge if it is a unique story or not, it was among the first road-trip books iv read and seance then it holds a special place in my heart! :)

  7. you def should i strongly recommend them both, i know you like to read contemporary once in a while and you've already liked Morgan Matson's newest book (since you've been gone). :)

  8. I have seen both of these around and they sound really good. I love road trip stories so I'll for sure check Amy's :) Great post :)


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